Cool Pepper Scatter Experiment

Well another classic experiment we did yesterday involved pepper!  This easy experiment has some eye-catching results that are definitely fun to watch.

All you need is water, pepper, dish soap and a bowl.

Put some water in, add pepper -

it looks like this!  Not some impressive....

now add some dish soap- just a drop will do- right to the middle .................BAM!!!! THE PEPPER SCATTERS!!! It happens pretty fast by breaking the surface tension of the water.

I've done this experiment before and stopped after just pepper but I read somewhere (?) that cinnamon would also work so we gave it a try:

It worked great as well!!!  Always the scientists we are: we tried with both, we tried soap on the side (still worked!), we also put more pepper and cinnamon after the soap and we noticed that the substances would group together even when sprinkled all over!!!

This makes for a great visual and is an easy experiment to add to curriculum! :)


So after officially graduating soon, I'm thinking about getting my Masters in Educational Technology? I wanted to hear any thoughts that anybody has on it? I really love technology and incorporating it into the classroom.  I would love to hear any comments though!!!!

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