A Whole New World

So like I said before....just getting over all the jet lag and being back from Denmark (and Sweden!).  As a future educator I felt this experience was invaluable!!

Seeing how another country prepares teachers and seeing their teachers in action even though we don't live in the country can still teach us A LOT!

I will shortly recap some of the big differences between their education and ours, whether agreed with or not, they are worth noting.

1. Teachers are prepared for teaching children ages 6-16 and can move up with them for 10 years if they choose!  How crazy is that?! Most teachers cycle through grades 0-5 and 5-9 though.  

2. Reading and Writing are equally as important and the character and morality that children learn in school! Imagine if that was how it was in America? Visiting the schools and the country you get a feel that everyone looks out for each other and I can see how easily that would be possible...it all starts in grade school
Leaving one of the classes the teacher asked the students before they left: Who did you learn something from today?  Did you help someone or did someone help you? Did you play with someone new? 

copy of rules- focusing on cooperation, teamwork, responsibility ....not really anything about raise your hand, listen to teacher, etc...- definitely interesting

3. Until the teenage years students only go to school till 1 o'clock and then when you are older only till 2!  I have not figured out how they fit everything in though.

4. HANDS-ON!!!! Nearly all activities in the classes I visited especially in the  younger grades, involved the students up and moving in some way. Whether it was interactive dancing in music class or hand motions for social studies....students were so engaged in what they were doing. Even though this is becoming more apparent in America I still think we have work to do.
kids dancing in music- we got invited to dance too with them! :)

up and moving in class

Those were probably the biggest things I learned....I believe that observing different philosophies on the education is always eye-opening.  I know I hope to one day have a classroom that has such a community feeling like the ones I've seen!

Onto other things...if you've stayed this long you deserve a - FREEBIE! for students to use when researching different countries since I'm on a travel kick!  

Hope you find it useful :)


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