Well Today was Something Wasn't It.....

Whew...just woke up from what I wish I could say was an energizing nap.  How does school seem to take it out of me!!! I subbed in a second grade classroom today, one of my old practicum teachers so I know their routine fairly well which SHOULD make it easier for the students.

key word= should!

Starting off the day was a struggle with one student who was on his own behavior plan but continued to throw pens at the fan after repeated warnings and explanations and then would walk out of the room and shut himself behind our door :(

Then refused to take the spelling test and I had to give it to him separately (which at least he chose to take it eventually)...man this was barely 8:30. I was proud of myself, I took a step back said this was not going to get in the way of his behavior the rest of day, he could make better choices and I did not let it upset me!  That helped tremendously.

The plans left pretty open time for review....like practice these flashcards for time, that did not last long.  I don't like encouraging competition and individually in front of class can not be fun for some kiddos either, so......I had the kids draw clocks for each other or partners I picked.........worked like a charm.  They also came up with calendar question (another concept they were reviewing) and some were genius like :

"What is two weeks before April 18th?"
"What is the day a week after April 3rd?"

What is your favorite way to review with students? I would love to have some more options when this comes up again!


  1. Ahh, I hate mornings that start off that way! Hopefully that kiddo had a better rest of the day! Kuddos to you for keeping your cool :)

    Living A Wonderful Life


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