Writer's Workshop

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Observing today, the class was working on All About Books.  They were writing about topics they were experts in!  Some of their topics and sentences were absolutely hilarious.  :)

One student wrote her all about book on "being a sister."  (She's a twin....so I find this funny/ironic)

Many of the books were about pets or sports but another was all about myself (I found it cute) 

The students had to create a cover page, table of contents, and 5 "chapters/pages" and illustrate those pages.  They worked so hard, I know they are proud of what they accomplish and I just love that they get the opportunity to have a writer's workshop everyday!!!  

The teacher gives them awhile to work and usually conferences with a group of students everyday about their writing. 
They will get an opportunity to share their completed work when it is finished, and I know they are dying too. :)

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