Top 10 Linky Party

Hojo is having a linky party of Top 10 (or whatever really....)

So I'm going to do a Top 10 reasons I want to be a teacher: (In no particular order)

10.  To touch lives and make kids excited about learning
9. to have summers and long breaks
8.  the money (JK....HA ha...I wish!)
7. make a difference and what better way to do that!
6. I love the things they say!!!! I have a whole "kid-isms" page
5. It's a job that is constantly different...I could never be behind a desk  I NEED VARIETY.
4. I learn something everyday  as well!!!! I love this is awesome!!!
3. The kids really touch me, with their smiles, and lightbulb moments. I could never get enough.
2. I get to teach about so many subjects.  (but I'm keen on science ;)
1. I LOVE WATCHING KIDS LEARN- and knowing I could be a part of that literally blows my mind everyday ;)

I'd love to hear any of yours- link up!

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