Thank you and Sugar Sunday

So first of all I must say THANKS to the bloggers who have posted my button or my newbie blog a little more known- I appreciate this SO MUCH!!!!!!

Second, subbing on Friday was so easy if not it being close to the weekend.  As a sub I sometimes feel lost in the plans either because very long and detailed (which is good, but when trying to keep the class running smoothly, sometimes its difficult to read it all) or they are minimal which usually leaves time where I need to give more work or have something for the kids to do.  All the blogs out there are lifesavers for activities in case they are needed.  :)

Well I ran into one of the coolest set of sub plans EVER on Friday (granted I've only subbed like 25 times so I'm sure there are tons of great ideas but this really helped me).
First, the teacher left me a schedule with times and  short descriptions of what would be happening at each time and then THE MAGICAL PART- Routines (for each of the normal things happening during the day)!!!

This was a tremendous help!! I think the kiddos really like things to run the same way and being a sub, sometimes this is hard but she left easy to follow routines so the day to day stuff was mostly the same!  This helped everything run smoothly and I think the combination of the easy timed schedule with routines (which were in a different section so they wouldn't have to be changed for each sub) was a great combination.

I wish I had pictures to show you---soon perhaps my sub binder will include those things!  I love being a sub though to collect all those ideas!!

Now because I'm an emotional baker here was my project for today: Hot Cocoa Cookies and believe me they could not have a better name!!!  They taste exactly like it and are wonderful when they are warm!  Click the pic to head straight over and make the recipe!

Chocolately cookie with  marshmallow top and melty chocolate in can you resist?

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  1. I totally understand! Some days I have 4 pages of lessons, some days 1 or none!

    I always bring worksheets or art activity ideas with me for fillers.

    I'd rather have too much stuff than not enough!

    It all comes with experience *this is my fifth year subbing) and you'll get the knack of it!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher


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