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Imagine walking into a primary classroom, without knowing a single student, and trying to run their classroom for a day.  Sounds ominous...but I have to admit I do love subbing, hey, I get to give the students back at the end of the day!!!

So there is always inevitably a few spare minutes between one activity or the next and I quickly realized this leads to CHAOS if you have nothing planned. teacher left me a note in her sub plans about a game that her students play when they have some spare time.  Let me say for some odd reason this game stuck and I find myself playing it in a variety of classrooms I sub in!  The game is called "What's My Rule?" and it is SO SIMPLE! Plus, you can control how long it takes and for a sub this is perfection!!!

"What's My Rule?"

I usually start (but if the students know how to play, a student can start) and find a characteristic that some students have in common (hair color, type of shoe, wearing a certain color...anything really) 

then I say "Julie fits my rule." (Julie would come stand in front of class) then I would pick around 4 other students for 5 in total.   Then I pick students who are sitting quietly to guess the answer or what they have in common.  

The person that guesses correctly gets to make the new rule! 

For younger students, they need help making rules and older students can make more complicated rules, but overall this game is adaptable and has been a LIFESAVER for me.

What games do you use during transition time?  I would love to have more to keep in my repertoire!! 


  1. Oh... I like this game. I am play lots and lots of "I Spy" or we do "Pass a Story" where each person gets to add another line to the story. I have also done "Pass a poem" where you have to make a poem as a group.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  2. I have a ton! I have that game, I have "I Spy", 20 questions, I have Mad Libs. Like Misty, I also do 'pass a story'.

    I also do a game called high-low and pick a number between 1-100( or more for older kids). I make a t-chart with high on one side and low on the other. The kids say numbers and if it's higher than my number it goes under 'high' and if it's lower than my number, it goes on the 'low' side. It's great practice for math and the kids think it's fun.

    Or "around the world" multiplication flash cards (or addition/subtraction for lower grades).

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. Cool ideas! I am a Residency I student (aka student teacher). I am so addicted to all the different blogs! I just can't get enough information or new ideas....Love it!!


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