Job Fair

So today was my very first job did not go so well :(

There was over 95 school districts represented and probably 100s of people there, I didn't feel like I stood out at all. Only talking to principals for a few minutes basically trying to sell yourself was definitely not me!  I feel like one-on-one interviews would be much more my style.  If anyone has job fair tips, I NEED THEM!!!   I'm thinking just because this is the biggest one I'll attend maybe that's why I feel a little defeated (well that's what I tell myself anyway ;)

Silver Lining: The one good thing about the fair was definitely meeting people.  I can at least say that I have met many of the principals if I do end up getting an interview later. This have prepared me for what I need to do next time as well, goodness I have a lot to work on!

I've been working on improving my resume (!!) and Andrea over at Cheers to School had some tips today even that I can put into use very soon on professional development.

What is your number 1 tip for being interviewed or job fairs?

Sorry for the short post, I'm wiped out mentally from this fair and need to catch some sleep before school tomorrow!


  1. Make yourself memorable! Or make your resume/business card memorable. One time at college, a lady that got hired said she had a sunflower on resume and that stood out.

    At interviews, dress professional.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. Oh Amber I feel for ya! My first job fair was very similar to your story. I use them more as practicing my interviewing skills. Another tip for you is have a great portfolio to give on a one-on-one interview. I get many compliments on mine, but I still think it's not good enough since I still don't have a job yet. I'm thinking to start a linky party of interviewing tips/finding a job soon (probably in the next few weeks) because it's always good to hear from all kinds of teachers on their tips and tricks. Do you think this is a good idea? Would you be interested in it?

    Cheers to School

    1. Thanks for your advice ladies! I would love to see your portfolio Andrea (well pictures of it ;) to get a better idea of what to work on. I think a linky party for interviewing/job fairs would be an EXCELLENT idea! I would definitely be interested in hearing everyone's advice.

      I'm so glad to know people in the same boat who can offer advice, you guys made me feel better!!!

  3. One thing I did, and principals told me I stood out was make a "flyer" for myself.

    Yes, it sounds super lame, but in this economy, you need something that will stand out.

    Make it professional, but eye catching, bright and colorful. Give it to principals with your official resume (nothing fancy on it, just resume paper, etc.)

    Think of jobs fairs as an opportunity to market yourself and market yourself by passing out a flyer or tri-fold. I would recommend getting it printed on nice paper and in color so people know it's serious.

    Good luck!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  4. Make a flyer/brochure most definitely. At least some business cards. You can easily make one in Microsoft Publisher in a few minutes. Include your education philosophy, important theorist and classroom management ideas that you have, and important job experiences you have.

    1. Great ideas- I will definitely work on them!

  5. Hi Amber! I am a new follower and second year teacher! I totally felt HORRIBLE after my first job fair. I would invest in some business cards (VistaPrint) is great and attach them to everything you turn in!

    1. By the way---maybe I am being crazy but I can't seem to find a link to follow you---I tried to because I definitely want to see your updates! :-)

  6. On the side there should be a button to "Join this site" hopefully that would be something you can click to follow (that's what I do to follow people) Or you can follow by email or subscribe to posts (both on the side)

    Hopefully this helps, I would love for you to be my follower.

    Do you have a blog?


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