Community Building and Publication (!)

First I wanted to share an community building activity we did for a large presentation I had today.  We blindfolded two people first had them draw and then later after going over the whole theory we had the teams coach the same two people to draw elephants.

Sorry about my horrible pictures!  We didn't say which was they had to view it (perspective) so I found it very interesting.  They learned about working with a team and how they can build community in their future classrooms!  We got some good feedback about the activity and at least they were engaged in what they were learning :)

My classmates enjoyed it but this really could be adapted for many age groups and could work on teamwork within a classroom + its FUN!

Even our professor joined in!

Ok so onto other news: WE GOT COPIES OF OUR PUBLICATION  (me and my professors) Check it out here

It is crazy to think about me...a published author..........that's insane!!! Like literally blows my mind!!!

I'm proud, but think of this more as just a starting point and hopefully can do more in the future.  So if any of you get Science Scope ~ check me out!!!  It is more for middle school students but some of the concepts can be connected to elementary (especially the experiments).

I just had to share some of my excitement.  Check out some of the pics below!!!

That last one...there at the top....see it...that quite possibly could be...MY NAME!!! BAAAA MIND BLOWN!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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