Just the Beginning...:)

So to start off, I just everyone to know more about the blog!  First I'm an student studying to be a teacher and will student teach in August (it's so close!!!!), I substitute teach some right now and am learning A LOT from it, and I am also a discovery/science room teacher in the summer.  I love all three of those things and am so excited to graduate and finally become a teacher.  

The name comes from my love of glitter, crafts, and of course, teaching!  I love being able to be a positive influence in a kid's life and seeing them learn a concept/light bulb moment...don't even get me started-it is an unbelievable feeling!

This blog is a mixture of all my experiences and hoping I can venture into the teacher blogging world successfully!  I'll be learning A LOT on the way but, hey, technology is not going anywhere so I best keep up.

Grab your preferred beverage, take a look around.  I hope you find something you like or you could even follow me on my crazy journey navigating through school, subbing, camp, etc... ;)

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  1. Just checking to maker sure comments are being numbered.....told ya trying to figure all these things out :)


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