How do Teachers do it?

So today has been crazy busy with practicum and research and class and volunteering...and homework :(   Where does the time go?

So onto my events from the day:
1. Subbing- So I have these business card I hand out after subbing in a teacher's classroom.  I think they're cute and memorable (just to stick in a teacher's head) but I don't know what they actually think of them.  Are they annoying?  Just more paperwork? Or are they likable especially if they know we had a good day?  I would love to hear any feedback!
I made my cards at Vistaprint! I'm sure you have all heard of because they are FREE!!!! Well besides shipping but, hey, they have cute products and the shipping is not that bad.

2. Observing- In my classroom (a first grade class) the teacher wasn't feeling so well, which normally isn't too big of a deal but it makes me wonder, HOW DO TEACHERS DO IT? I mean I've been in plenty of classrooms but not as a full time job yet with no one else in there.  What do you do when you need emergency bathroom breaks or worse, get sick?  I just have never thought of this before!  It makes me really appreciate all the hard work and things teachers do for us.  So I'd love to hear from teachers how do you do it? Keep it all together everyday?

Wow- guess I have a lot of questions for teachers! I would love any advice you have to give!

3. Side note- I got hugs from the kids when leaving...IT WAS GREAT! They asked when I was going to be back.  It's the little things that make your day.

Off to finish up my oodles of homework...sad day for this student.


  1. I have cards from Vistaprint. The teachers I give them to love them and tack them on their wall/bulletin and love having them on hand.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

    1. Awesome to hear your experience with the cards! Thanks for being one of my first followers :)


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