Guided Reading group

Still recovering from yesterday's SUGAR COMA, (see previous post)....but in the meantime....

... I was observing and got to complete my first guided reading group today all by myself.  All the other teachers, are probably like whoop-de-do but I was ecstatic!  I got to fill out the notes on every student in the group and fill out the lesson before and listen to each student read!  I don't care how old you are or experienced you are as a teacher,  I do not think this will ever get old.

Guided Reading can be A LOT of paperwork and planning.  How do you keep up with it as a teacher?  Got any tricks because I'm telling ya, I'm all ears.

In other news....The gals at Primary Princesses are having a GIVEAWAY so go follow their blog and enter.  (especially if you are a crazy blog watcher like me)!

Primary Princesses

Off to Zumba!!! (I've haven't been in forever....gotta work off all the stupid sugar I decided would be good to eat yesterday ;)


  1. Amber,
    Thanks for following our blog! I think I am your first follower! I feel so special.


    1. YES YOU ARE! Thanks so much for being my first follower, I appreciate it! :0


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