Why I'm Kinda Lovin my DESK Job! - Words I Never thought I'd Say

To be honest, I'm kinda scared to write this post.  I feel like I will be disowned as a teacher somehow but if there is anything I've learned in the education field - teaching never leaves you! I want to be honest because teachers are who I connect with - they're my people.  Well... I won't be in the classroom this year.  I'm working at a desk job....SAY WHAT?! You're probably thinking that's crazy...I would agree.  I want to explain and how I got here and how it's totally changing my outlook.
This school year I was suppose to move into a new position - teaching technology (which I would have loved!) but between different requirements and the workload I knew I could't take it on with my little (read 2 small boys) family.  I looked at other positions and now work for our state department of education.  Its a whole different world, but still connected to education.  Let's get into some reasons this has totally changed my outlook:

1) INDEPENDENCE - I can take breaks - people!! I can have lunch with adults and not have to also watch my class.  I can take a bathroom break ANYTIME.  I don't have 20+ sets of eyes and minds needing attention 7 hours of the day.  I love that I can commit to self care.  That is so hard to do while teaching.  I walk up to my floor (5 flights of stairs) and can bike at my desk with my awesome deskcycle and even walk around town on breaks which doesn't look weird because lots of people do it.  I've even lost 15lbs!  Sure I walked around my room teaching but I not near the amount I get here or I'm just way more aware now.  I don't hardly have to take time away at home to exercise which is so crucial for family time.  The tradeoff of no long breaks or summer might be tough but not spending all the extra time planning, grading, cutting, laminating...I'll give it up for a bit.

2) ADULTS - I work with adults in education.  Yes I will miss the kids tremendously but I'm still so connected to education and collaborating with adults on this side is pretty rewarding.  State depts always seem to get a bad wrap but seeing this side - the legislation, the obstacles, the triumph and battles fought here that students on a statewide level is pretty neat.  I get valued for my skillset not more or less just differently than before.  Most are past educators so we're really all connected.  Teachers are still teachers at heart and they are just the most amazing people.  Adults aren't all that bad - we do still get to decorate and plan fun events like Oreo tastings - I love that its not a "boring" workplace (so far!)

3) CONSISTENCY - I have set hours! No morning/after school IEP or faculty meetings.  I don't make sub plans when I'm at home or need to leave early to grab a sick kid (less guilt!) Sometimes monotony can be underrated especially with my Type A personality the dependability really helps mentally.  I know my jobs and can manage the stress from them and deadlines  -- which is not always the case with surprise assemblies, fire drills, sick students...

Thanks for letting me share this side.  Stick around I still have plenty of ideas to share as my teacher brain doesn't have a shutoff button.  I know this was the right step for my family and I'm definitely not closing the door to teaching.

Teachers are amazing AMAZING passionate selfless people and when I think of reasons I like my job they seem so selfish.  There is nothing - not one thing - that could compare to a hug from a student, a smile from a student, a note from a student and I will those moments so much.  I felt I had to write this since it has come up so much lately in my new job and from other educators.  I had to write this for me, make it ok with myself because I wasn't giving up on teaching (more of a sidestep) and don't want to be a fraud of sorts.

Don't worry my new office still has my pen caddy (which makes other jealous!) and they even passed around a Scholastic Order today.  Stay tuned for some exciting events these next couple months!


  1. Congrats on your new position. Blogs are interesting and so often a one way channel of information. I feel like I know you, but you have no idea how you have impacted my everyday teaching. My 4th grade teammate and I both walked into work this morning and said, "Did you see the SSS email?!?!" We teach in Lee's Summit, and I'm curious what you will be doing for the Dept. of Ed. If you would send me your email address, I would love to send you pictures of our Cave Day, Surgery Day, and Amazing Race activities, etc. I'm looking forward to hearing how you have an even greater impact on student learning throughout the state. Thanks for all you do! Kristen.shackelford@lsr7.net

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