Poultry Parts of Speech

Are you looking for a great Parts of Speech review and craftivity?!  These Poultry Parts of Speech turned out HILARIOUS!   

My students loved making and reading the funny sentences! 

Basically students create feathers for their "bird" in a _________ (adjective) _________ (adjective) _________ (noun)  ________ (verb) ___________ (prepositional phrase) format.

We put all of our feathers in different bags/groups then draw out a sentence.  

Students have to cut and paste their "new" turkey together and draw the action from the sentence.  Here is how mine turned out. 

Here are some that students created as well: 

Hilarious, right?!

If you are interested in learning more details about this activity or how to get the printables - click on any of the pictures above.  

It also comes with a fun Mad Lib like activity and a color the turkey by part of speech page that we do for homework right after doing this project!

Here's how they look up in our classroom:

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