Welcome to the Pet Gourmet and other Noun Restaurants!

So being in 4th grade, I quickly review parts of speech before getting into structure at the beginning of the year.  Obviously, nouns gets at most 2 days of instruction since we only have about 15 min anyway because this is stressed in the earlier grades.

We reviewed nouns and special nouns - common, proper, singular, plural, concrete, and abstract.  I handed out our noun chart to glue in our notebooks for easy reference and no need to take notes.

After checking for understanding multiple times, I saw that we could move on from nouns but I wanted a more final but fun assessment.

I thought of Noun Restaurants!  Students design a menu around a self selected or random theme (which can be crazy!)  They color code the nouns in their menu to match what the class selects.

These were so fun for my students!  I even got hugged and told, "thanks for making homework fun!" They loved a chance to be creative with such an open ended assignment.

Many chose their own theme but I did include some choices as well - only serves pets, no silverware, underwater, treehouse, etc.... to get their brains going or for some that wanted a challenge.  This really served the purposes of upper elementary the best!

The entrees, desserts, appetizers they came up with and worked so hard to fit with their theme really showcased their talent.  It was a perfect quick creative assessment especially for getting back in the routine of school.  We are studying verbs next - wait till you see what I have in store!

Click the link to be taken to the templates - what do you do to practice nouns?

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