Analyzing Media!

Do your students struggle with evaluating sources to use for research? Mine certainly do.  When our state standards changed this year, and this was added I knew I needed to beef up my game.

One of my favorite resources to use is Into the Book: Evaluating!  We do the book resources as a class and they do the web evaluating on their own in the computer lab.  Because it offers lots of guidance and help the students usually can navigate and I'm there to help as well.

It truly is a resource they NEED to see before researching! Just great overall!! and FREE can't beat that.  Just hit skip login to make it even easier!

choose either books or websites to evaluate!

look at specific parts of site to know if it is relevant and what each part does!

Where do you find information and is it helpful for your research?

Also this year because it is highlighted in our new standards I created a resource to help analyze media in different aspect as well.  This resource explores websites, videos, articles all about a topic and students rate how relevant it would be for research while analyzing if the site/video is accurate. 

This is such a tricky topic for most- I plan on doing some of this together as a class and some in small groups and reporting findings together, especially before any big research projects we have! Click on any of the pictures to learn more!

 You can see the goals of the project! Definitely critically thinking which students need to be doing!

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