Rockin' Songs Grades 3-5

I love incorporating music into any lesson.  My kids love it too - it adds so much and the songs help them remember the material as well.

We add it to the beginning as an introduction, in the middle to review, or right before the test to help us remember!  Songs are an integral part of our learning.  I wanted to share some of my favorites from this year.  I'd love to hear what your favorites  are too!

We love this one to study the rock cycle!

Another Great Rock Cycle one!

Hands down the best States and Capitals song out there! This is forever on repeat during those in between times since 4th grade is the crucial year for studying those in our state.

Here's one that I wrote for our Circuit Study and we used this in an ad for Circuit Day.  We LOVE country and my kids were just wow'd by it!

I wish I could show you their video - we had sunglasses, special effects and everything.

Here is the audio from the video that might help if you don't know the song. 

Image result for flocabulary

Flocabulary is another great video resource.  It is priced (some videos are FREE) but so worth it! 

We use this for reading skills, science, and social studies.  As a teacher you get lyrics students can fill in, quizzes, and activities that go with that topic. It is well worth it.  So many videos I just love!! The fact that they are so catchy is only good!

Some of my absolute favs are: 

Point of View
Context Clues
Plot Elements
The Water Cycle

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