Emoji Intro Back to School!

Are you looking for a unique easy back to school project to get to know your students - look no further!
This Emoji Intro is great for grades 1-6!
Easy to prep - students cut out emojis, fold in half, and answer the question!

We mount on colored paper for some POP! My students LOVE anything tech related so this already puts them at ease and gets students interacting with each other!
The questions are engaging and little humorous to break the ice those first couple days!  

We display these on the sides of our desks and share with the class when finished to get to know each other better!

Click on any of the pictures to find out more information.  If you hurry- you can still catch this on the sale happening now for an extra 28% off make sure to use code: BESTYEAR

With 20 different questions it is sure to be different and exciting for each student.  After they are cut up, my students have to pick their 5 randomly and answer before displaying!


  1. Congratulations to all of the participants of this program. mayo international school patparganj I bet they learned a lot from the project. This will help me for a school project. Keep the posts coming.


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