Reference Book Flip Book - QR linked!

Have you ever wanted your students to know more about reference sources? Do you get the blank stare when the dreaded - where would you look to find this answer question comes up.  Somehow my students always know dictionary and sometimes thesaurus but other than that...we come up empty.

My librarian mentioned that this is their curriculum but it is also in just the general CCSS for grades 3+ using these in print and digital form!!

The pages are awesome because it is like a scavenger hunt and they have QR CODES!! You can scan for your students to get practice with the digital book as well really hitting the full standard.

I make my students do both so they know where all options are in our classroom.

These would be great to pass along to your librarian or your classroom as well because we know some students that could use practice.  

My students completed these in their literacy center one week and it took awhile or you could do it as a whole class over 2-3 days.  

They love using QR codes finding the answers was fun for them to do.  They worked in groups, I observed to make sure they were using both sources.  Click on any of the pics or here - to grab a copy for your classroom!

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  1. would love to have just the template for this product for free. Is that possible? OR is this item available for free and not through TpT?


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