Cause and Effect in the Upper Elementary

Cause and Effect seems like a seemingly easy concept to touch on the upper grades.  I haven't really hit in snags in the past year but each class has different needs and I realized this needed some practice with my class.  

Thinking on my feet - we did some quick great activities that didn't seems too babyish for my kids.

First, we started off with Flocabulary! Awesome of course!  
The activity that comes  with this is awesome! It is listed as second grade but even my fourthies had some great break throughs on the back end.  They had to think if something changed in the story how would it change the rest of the story - in essay form - tough stuff.  Along with writing cause and effect statements with prompts - something I don't normally think of them doing.
Next we did a directed drawing of a cartoon tiger - from the awesome Art for Kids Hub!!  Then they had the prompt, "Because my tiger _______," then they had to pass it to a neighbor who filled it in with a logical explanation.

This was just a short review lesson right before our cause and effect quiz but the kids loved the art twist...I mean c'mon cartoon tigers!!

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