Superhero Similes: Figurative Language Fun

If you've seen my Monster Metaphors pack then you might recognize this format! We also worked on Similes in the same way.  I love teaching figurative language but these 2 can be so tricky.  I do my best for students to know they are both comparisons but different because of their language.

Doing 2 individual projects really helps in that way.

I love bringing art into the classroom.  We did a directed drawing for our superheroes but I also included some you could color. Art for Kids hub is the BOMB for art tutorials - I try to incorporate those into many of our lessons throughout the year because it boosts confidence and they just turn out so darn awesome - my kids love learning how to draw and these quick videos do the trick.

We wrote about our superheroes we created and came up with similes to describe them.

There is an extra practice sheet as well to identify some of these which makes for great review or homework after the lesson with still a fun superhero theme.

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