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We have started working on our figurative language because we dive deep into poetry starting in December.  With only 3 weeks in December I try to cover some ideas of onomatopoeia, similes, and metaphors before so they know the basic vocab.  It catches on really fast and they spot it in reading frequently.

I found this awesome  idea at Artisan des Arts blog and I used that for the process of how to make these projects.  I loved how colorful they turned out - and perfect for our wall. It took one easy project (an hour tops) to really hit this concept and they are spotting it already!

I did some practice visualizing first and had them think of 3 ideas with eyes closed and write one sound:

1. Walking down a busy New York street looking at buildings, realizing noises, etc...
2.  Walking around a fair/petting zoo area.  The animal noises, the rides, and other events that might be going on.
3. A haunted house- walking through and hearing the spooky sounds etc...

I picked those because of the variety of noise and easy to pick out one that would stick out in your mind.  Here is what the students came up with.

This was a such a great way to start learning about figurative language and introducing these concepts and words we will hear starting very soon!  Do you have any onomatopoeia projects you love to do?

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