Quotation Marks in the Wild

Last year I shared some of our favorite ways to introduce and practice using quotation marks and dialogue and in our writing along with editing. 

You can find that post - here. 

Today, I have a new idea to add to the mix that we are trying this year. I made these animal posters to introduce dialogue and we are going to use them as a center.  

I plan to laminate them after printing multiple copies to a page and using dry erase markers to practice our quotation marks.

These would also make an awesome hallway display.

  Teachers have commented how much their students enjoyed these!  A class even wanted more for HOMEWORK! These are such a great way to practice without really thinking about it. 

This is a fun way to get students thinking creatively and involved in learning.  It is great practice outside of writing to reinforce the correct use of quotation marks!

This is always so tricky for my students so any practice is great.  You can click any of these pics if you want these animal posters for yourself.  

The pack comes with 23 animals posters for you to use - whole class, center, individually, as a hilarious display - TONS of ways to practice using quotation marks throughout the year!

If you want even more - there is now a bundle that has 46 pictures and a DIGITAL version for students to complete. 


  1. I love this! The kids would think think is so much fun!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

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  3. Awww. This is so adorable, cute, creative, and fun! I wish I had my own class this year to try it out :) I will definitely be sharing this over on my FB page.
    Teaching in Paradse

  4. Love this!!! I don't teach ELA anymore but I know my students would love it!!!


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