Grammar Manipulatives - SAY WHAT?!

I am so excited about this resource!!

Remember those magnetic poetry sets that used to be around.  I thought that would be a great addition to my room but for grammar!

Each of my kids receives a bag of words (same words) that they keep in their desk all year long that we pull out to work on grammar topics!  It is AWESOME and lasts the WHOLE YEAR!  Not many things can be that useful!

I really love these because they get students actual hands on manipulatives in GRAMMAR! Who does that? 

We use these to make sentences following a certain concept

We use them for centers as task cards, or even SCOOT!  

We use them for assessment when they can send collages and pictures to me to show they know the concept!  

There are plenty of other ways to use these in your room in the download as well.  

I love Love LOVE this way to incorporate a kinesthetic option into grammar!  Grammar can be so tedious and this puts a fun spin on it.  It aligns with over 10 CCSS standards and I love how easy and literally no prep this is!  The variety of ways I can use it makes it a MUST HAVE for the classroom this year. 

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