Figurative Language Robots - FREE

I can't believe I haven't blogged about these robots!   We study figurative language in December with poetry BUT since we don't test until late April I want to make sure my kids get a review in (along with many other times!)  so we made these figurative language robots!

They were a hit with my class.  It did challenge them to think outside of the box to design.  We used this video below to create our robots.  You could also challenge them by just giving clues such as "start with a large rectangle - add 2 rectangle legs, etc..." then everyone's looks a little more different.  I absolutely LOVE Art for Kids Hub - the website and videos! They are fantastic even for 4th grade and have TONS of even cartoon characters.  It is always in my back pocket for indoor recess and projects.

We watched a video on how to draw a girl for our Mother's Day project  (if that tells you anything about my art skills!)  I love that I can incorporate art into the curriculum in a fun and engaging way.

After that we completed this half sheet on our robots and attached to make a display!  Easy peasy!

Just click the picture to grab a copy.

For some sad reason I knew I had pictures of this saved but cannot locate them.... here's the one I created.  Hope your students enjoy this activity!

If you love this idea I have a figurative language flip book that is superhero themed in my store.  My students love this as well and it dives deep into all aspects of figurative language.  Or my Poetry Portfolio also includes finding examples in figurative language. 

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  1. I love the robots. So cute and fun. Saving this great idea for later this year!


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