Upper Elementary Management - FAVORITE tip!

This is one of my favorite tips to use in the classroom.  As a teacher, I can always work on my classroom management!  I feel like I get a little better every year but who knows..I do try at least.

In our schedule, I teach 4th and 5th science and the 5th grade teacher teaches my 4th graders math.  I really like this set up for multiple reasons:

1.  I'm selfish  - and I get to see my old kiddos for one hour of the day! I'm almost squealing writing this because I always miss them. and some days since they know my expectations - it saves my sanity :)

2. I get to know the curriculum- I know what is expected the next year and can prepare them and I see the sequence of our science curriculum, making it so much easier on me as a teacher.


So this is the first year that my students get to switch classes and with that comes a whole lot more responsibility - they have to remember supplies (biggest obstacle) and keep up with 2 teachers and still have it all together.  We are next door neighbors so we  pack and line up at first bell and switch at second bell.  That leaves about 2-3 min while others are still packing to stand and wait.

I remember seeing this idea somewhere...I'm sure on Pinterest but I don't have an original pin to give the link to - (if you know then help me out!)

This board sits right next to my door and all of my students can see it while waiting in line to switch (or go out to recess.....lunch... special...bathroom...whatever!)

I write an answer the in the blank.  I usually use a term/person/vocab/concept and most often from science and social studies but it doesn't have to be.  

Students have to come up with a question that would have that as an answer.  I love the BACKWARD thinking this makes the students do.  I give Dojo points for correct questions after giving students time to think.  They only get a point for a question that makes sense and is correct and has not been said.  

You will be so surprised with what they come up with!  They surprise me so frequently.  I love just how easy it is to change - just wipe and go.  Ideally, it would get changed each day but in my room it's usually 2-3 days and I change it just right when we walk to line so they aren't trying to come up with questions all day

I really like how this fits with upper elementary!  I can quickly change for both classes.  This can easily be used as an exit slip and to check knowledge in those few moments! 

I use a dry erase board but you could easily use a paper and a picture frame and write on with a dry erase marker. 

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