BUBBLE SCIENCE - Summer Science Day 4

First off we made lava lamps.  These are most than just your ordinary lava lamp because of the added Alka Seltzer tablet which increasing bubbles.  These are so great and can be personalized for each student by using different colors!

The kiddos really went crazy for this one - we also hypothesized about other items in the oil and water.   They really enjoyed how much movement they had and how easy they were. 

We then made some great bubble paint and used straws to blow and catch the bubbles on paper.  This was so fun for the kids just make sure to use table clothes! 

The last project we did on bubble day was Bubble Slime.  This was a new recipe I tried out this year.  I like that the reaction lasted for a long time and it was fun to play in.   Picture to come soon!  (it was one of those days I missed due to some health stuff!) 

The slime is really cool though and sounded all cool and bubbly, I'd love to try sinking and floating objects in it. 

Most of the experiments again are from this resource I created below.  Feel FREE to grab this FREE resource and leave me some feedback. 

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