Makeover Madness

I've decided to take part in the crazy TPT Seller Challenge.  First up was makeover madness for an old product.   ugggghhhh I've been meaning to do this for SOOOO long luckily this was just the push I needed to get the job done.

This was one of my first EVER PRODUCTS back in 2012 so it definitely needed a makeover.  I'm almost embarrassed to show it. 

I think it definitely looks cleaned up, has better clipart and more of a science focus which is what I wanted.  It is not so much of a sore spot in my store either!  Plus, I was dying to use these Confetti papers I snagged from Twinkle Teaches - they just rock!

We actually did this experiment today for Candy Science during Summer School.  It is always so fun to do because of the WOW results!!

You can click the picture below to check it out for yourself or check back by in the next couple days to see the pictures and results from all our candy experiments!


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