Figurative Language Superheroes

I know I have been AWOL during this most crazy important time of the year, but I promise I have good reason....

We welcomed this little guy into our lives just one short month ago! Life has been forever changed in a good way and I'm excited to now be called a mom! I have been enjoying my time off and am looking forward to the holidays.

While the little guy slept - I finished up a project I have been working on forever.  If you teach figurative language take a look.  I love the tabs and how it can be used in a notebook or as a book resource made by your students! 

I love the tabs! Such a fun twist on a notebook or just a great resource! Easy to find and organized all your figurative language information!

Check out the sample page below: definition, examples, and practice for students introduced or revisiting the figurative language terms. 

Great examples and who can resist a superhero theme? This makes it so easy for students to connect the concepts and keep it all the terms in one easy place. 

One of my favorite things to teach but it can be tricky, this really helps us review and keep our terms organized. 

Click any of the pics to check it out for yourself!

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