Latitude and Longitude

Whew...I feel like we have done so much but and I have so much to share but school and life are getting in the way :(   I just wanted to drop by and show you a latitude and longitude QR activity that really reinforced the concept with my students.

We started off with Brainpop as a quick introduction and practiced the concept in pairs with a worksheet as well.  ABCya has a great game to go along with this concept too!  Most of my students picked up on it right away, but for some I wanted a little more reinforcement.

I came up with this activity since my students were SO  interested in Google Maps during our study of maps and geography.  Anyway I could incorporate them and I knew they would be hooked!

My students loved checking out our town, local city, and close places they knew from a satellite view so I knew this would be a hit.

There are 20 Task Cards and QR codes of famous US and World landmarks that students guess based on their latitude and longitude.  A recording sheet is included.  Students can use their books, computers, devices, or the suggested printable to make their guess! 

then they check their answer using a QR reader! 

This can lead to some great discussions in your classroom about landmarks and about using maps!

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