Sign Me Up: Jobs for the Upper Elementary Classroom!

Branching up to 4th grade I knew would be different! I have been thinking nonstop since I got the news of how I want my classroom to run.  Obviously having my first year under my belt, makes me feel like my ideas are more real and will work.

I'm excited to be in this grade level and for the level of independence.  Although, don't get me wrong - I will miss me Kindergarteners!  Luckily, my Best Cousin (5 months apart - both teachers) is teaching preschool at the same school, so I can always visit if I want to see the young ones.

I knew I wanted my students to have responsibility and have a role in our classroom. I also knew that I wanted jobs that would stay for awhile.  I'm not one that has the time, energy, mental capacity to switch jobs by the week.  I poured over lists of jobs and assessed what I truly felt like I needed for my classroom! This is what I came up with:

One of the best parts is: it's EDITABLE! so if you need another job you can easily add it!  All the jobs come with characteristics and duties for each! This was important to me.  I wanted to start the year off explaining what those words meant, who we see as examples, and how they benefit that job.

We will also work on writing with these skills as they have to apply for the positions.  We will talk about showing how through examples how they fit the characteristics needed for the position. 

I'm so excited to start these with my "big kids" this year! I'll show more pictures once I have the bulletin board all set and ready to go! 

Click any of the pictures to see the full preview! 

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  1. Love that idea! I give my students jobs every week but I never let them 'apply' or pick them for themselves. I might have to give your way a try! Thanks!

    Drop By,,,
    Life As I Know It


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