Homework Logs

Moving up to a new grade level, I felt it was important to hold my students accountable for their work and help them stay organized.   To save some money for families this year - I created these homework logs that display by the week.  I think it is easier than the parents than a nightly planner but does have some of the same features.

When I set up my room, we will have a designated location where the list of homework will be kept daily and students will be responsible for writing it on these pages in their take home folders.  

I wanted a simple layout that could be used weekly.  Assignments (self explanatory) list assignments to work on that night.  Upcoming Events - dates of tests this week.  They will be on the board ahead of time so writing on the correct day will know how far in advance to study.  Initials are for the parents.  

In 4th grade, I feel that parents should still be involved and know what is going on even though students are the ones accountable for their work.  Click to download your copy if you think it could work in your classroom.  

What do you use? Anything else printable you can point me to, to help keep track of homework and assignments? 

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  1. Hey, I was wondering if there was a way that I could get this homework log sheet?


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