Foldable Freebie

Foldable and Interactive Notebooks are all the rage.  I created this Interactive Foldables using the Dolch Pre-Primer word list and they are perfect to start in the younger grades.  They have gone over really well because they can be used all year long!

These are essential because they cover the needed material in a variety of predictable ways.  Yes that sounds a little contradictory, but let me explain: 

* Students even in K/1 can work on these on their own after modeling only a few times. 

* you can add it to a word work station to have them complete independently 

* They cover a variety of skills including: vowels/consonants, writing, differentiating the word, using it in a simple sentence

If you want to try these out in your room before buying - check out the freebie here with 3 words! Use them and then decide if they would be of use in your classroom.

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