Magnet, Magnet, and more Magnets!

We have had so much fun learning about magnets recently.  In kindergarten, I begin by introducing magnets in a station and they just get to explore.  This makes our actual learning so much more engaging because they have gotten all the excitement out.  Although, they are still really cool!

Here are some pictures of us playing with our magnets:

We found things around our room that were magnetic- the pencil sharpener WAY COOL! We used bar magnets to help us.  What could be in the bag on the bottom right?

We are lucky enough to have plenty of magnet manipulatives and the ones on the top right are floating magnets - even I was amazed by those! 

The iron fillings board was really cool and showed the magnetic fields really well! We loved experimenting with how much each type of magnet could hold.  We of course watched a brainpop movie on Magnets and learned more about what they are made of.

To accompany this unit I created this Mini Magnet book - perfect for elementary learners and easy to use!

This is perfect for any classroom! So fun and easy plus it extends our learning and leads to lots of questions! If you like these magnet products you can check out Magnet Stations or the Bundle of the two as well! Gotta love getting some awesome science in, especially in all this cold weather!

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