Currently February

Ok- almost February! What a great and short month it has been! We haven't had ONE full week in January with those stinking cold days! A couple was great but I'm over them now and definitely don't want to be making them up in the warmer spring weather.

Loving: How crazy and awesome Science Night was! Our school had a HUGE (read 100s of people turn out) A little chaotic but I know the kids loved it! Big blog post on it coming soon :) 

Here I was lighting some money on fire for a demo but the kids and parents got to rotate through stations to see and get to do some awesome Science!

thinking: how grateful we should be for loved ones.  The hubby was in a minor car accident today and it was scary but I'm glad everyone is ok!

Wanting: Exactly this one - EXACTLY!

The one I wabt

First 2 are true, never been to the grand canyon and heights are not my thing.  It won't be on the list for awhile!

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  1. Found you from Currently, I never got into the Big Band Theory, everyone loves it though. That necklace is pretty, I am going to check out those styles.
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  2. Oragami Owl is so cute BUT can be pricey... I am scared of heights too... no way no thank you to parasailing!!! thanks so much for linking up

  3. I'm eyeing A LOT of different pieces from Origami Owl! Very cute stuff! Parasailing looks fun!
    The Extra Energetic Educator

  4. Having a Science Night sounds like fun!!! Is this something your school puts on every year?


  5. I never heard of Origami Owl before, but that necklace is GORGEOUS! I'm not sure if I should thank you or not for introducing me to looks like it'll be a dangerous addiction!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  6. Ok I have seen and thought the Origami Owl stuff is cute. But you totally just shifted me! Now I want that one too!! And I'm glad your hubby is ok!

  7. I love Origami Owl! I actually won one last year in a contest! That one you posted is a pretty decent price!

    Teaching Pawsitively

  8. Hey Amber! I have been wanting one of those Origami Owl necklaces for the last 2 months. All the teachers at my school have one! I got the catalog and "built" my necklace and it was going to be $80.... eek! I got an e-mail from Just Jane on Saturday and they had them for $25 shipped with 5 charms and a chain... I can't wait to get it in the mail!! It sold out in 2 hours :(

    I'm running a link-up right now with the "teacher outfit" theme. Stop by if you get a chance!


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