A Math Post?! FREEBIE

I seem to not blog about math all that often, not really sure why?? I do enjoy teaching math although it can be tricky, I've kind of found a groove with our math series and it seems to be going well!  A couple areas I definitely know I need to hit harder are 1 more, 1 less - so tricky!! and number fluency - really associating a number with a number of objects quickly.

Yes, I've seen so many bloggers showing off some great books to really work on those concepts and those are on my list too! I did create a couple things to help us with these concepts.  We've been using them all year but I haven't been getting pics :(

Number book - we work on this 1 or 2 numbers at a time, really focusing on all the ways to make a number.  Our series did something similar to this - but this goes more in-depth.  I love all the different ways but they stay the same so it is easy for kinders to focus on!   This only goes to 20 but really starts the foundation of those numbers we build on later!  This version is great for younger grades!

An up close version of what the pages look like! 
Number word
10 frame
number practice
number of objects
and dots are all included!

Click on any of the pictures to get a closer look!

For 1 more, 1 less - I loved the viewfinders that normally are used for 10 more, 10 less, and 1 more , 1 less but I wasn't focusing on 10 right now so I created a 100s chart and one viewfinder that worked for me!  Click below for this GREAT freebie!  Please leave feedback if you do download :)

Super quick B/W version that is great to focus on this concept! The 100s chart is included along with the viewfinder and book!  Click the pics to get more info!

Any more ideas I need to know to work on these concepts?!

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  1. I wish that math teachers around the world adapt these paraphernalia. They are colorful, visually-appealing, and comprehensible to kids who just want to have fun while learning. Did you made these or were they provided by the school? Layce of Mymathdone.com


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