Elf Shenanigans Round 2

 First how cute are our elves! I have tried getting lots of craftivities in this year, but they seem to go by the wayside with all that curriculum.  I finally made it a priority and these have stayed up for 2 FULL weeks before break - is there an award or something?!  My students really loved working on them - the FREE template and application can be downloaded here and here.

Twinkle has once again been up to some things in our room this week:

He has.....been reading on my desk!

....sleeping in the tissue box, no one knew if he was sick or tired, but we all agreed he needed some rest!

....flying (literally) onto our Smartboard! They loved this one!! They thought Santa made the plane for him and everything :) BTW: I wanted to decorate the plane more but that didn't happen - it says: from: North Pole in Elf Handwriting, of course ;)

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