Elf Shenanigans Round 1

I decided to participate in Elf on the Classroom Shelf and I'm very excited, as you can see by my Instagram picture.  We read the book and our letter the day before we left for Thanksgiving and this week, our elf (Twinkle) is already up to no good.

The first day was an almost flop - many of my KINDERgarten students didn't think he was real.  I was bummed and we went over the rules that he reported to Santa each night and that might not make Santa too happy.  I'm glad to report after some days of fun - they really seem excited about where he is going next and have no idea how he gets there :)

Day 1: covered in achievement stickers - how did he get those!?!

Day 2- Twinkle spelled "Work Hard" in Skittles on our counter.  It took us awhile to figure out what he spelled.

Day 3 - Twinkle got caught near the ceiling when he was flying! His note said "HELP!" They loved it, and since he was near a vent he spun around all day and everyone kept saying "He's moving, He's moving!!!"

It's been fun so far, I can't wait to see more ideas! How is your class liking it?

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