Talking Turkey

We read the book The Amazing Turkey Rescue, which  is a fantastic book! My students really enjoyed the illustrations.  We worked on a writing/art project to go with it.

My class does not start art until December so I really feel like we have to work that in sometimes- we are in Kindergarten! We did some guided turkey drawing (some came out better than others!) and then gave our turkeys a vacation just like in the beginning of the book so they wouldn't have to be Thanksgiving dinner.   Take a look at some of our examples below! I think they turned out GREAT! We are really working on sounding out words!  I like how they came up with so many places for the turkey to go! :)

outer space!

Look at the outfit - can hardly tell its a turkey!


Here was my attempt - tanning/beach :)
and of course - hockey!

Here's another anchor chart that has been really helpful for us! We go over the title, characters, setting, author, and beginning, middle, end (retelling /comprehending) depending on the focus!

Anyway to make it cuter or does anyone have any better examples? I haven't seen one of these in awhile and I want to be able to use it with each book we do :)

You can get the writing prompt here if you want a copy!


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