Fall Sight Word Work

We work on sight words all the time! We have usually about one a week.  We read books with it, we highlight it, we find it, we spell it, we use it as our password, we write it, we write sentence with it, we use it in guided reading...the list goes on and on.... I do get in work with whole and small group work with our sight word but I wanted a little more!

I run my reading stations/groups/Daily 5 time a little differently.  This just works with my class so that is what we have been doing.  I have 4 stations everyday:
1. reading - pillows on the carpet pick 3 books to read the WHOLE TIME!
2. Writing - you can check out my writing station here, as we get more independent they can work on more by themselves and still have these back up options for students who need reinforcement.

3. Alphabet/ Word work- so far we have used pattern blocks to build letters, playdoh, magnifying glass searches, and now we are focusing more on engaging use of sight words
4. Teacher time - small group work with me!

My third station, has been mostly alphabet work for the beginning of the year, which is kinesthetic and great for young learners and I wanted more to incorporate into that, so I created Fall Sight Word Work - see the preview for the complete list of words and activities.

This has LOTS of options to get me through these months all while staying engaged and learning!

  • Sight word mats 
  • sight word puzzles
  • sight word hunts
  • sight word sentences
  • sight word reader
  • sight word cards

*This pack does contain parts of 2 other packs in my store so be sure to read the full description if you do want to purchase this for your classroom*

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