Five for Friday!

1.  We did this awesome shape monsters since we are learning about shapes! We loved making and counting how many of each shape our partners had and sharing our scary monsters with each other just in time for Halloween!

Want more ways to explore 2-D shapes? Check out this pack.

2.  The series is tied! I won't lie I'm not a huge sports fan but I do LOVE my Cardinals and they are in the World Series so GO CARDS!!!

3.  We had last Thursday and Friday off for MEA break and boy is this week can I still feel so least today is Friday!

4. So I went a little crazy with my Disney artwork check out my Instagram for more info'm 1 away from 100 followers so there might be something in the works!  The picture is better on Instagram too, I'm too lazy to copy it from phone to here.
5.  What do I do with these?! I get the school pictures but as a teacher.... hmmmm....still trying to decide!

Sorry this hasn't been too much school related info! We have been doing some cool stuff (I promise!) I just haven't gotten a chance to take pictures :(  hopefully that will get better since were are 1/4 through the school year already?!!!

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