Fall Happenings.

We've been working on our pumpkin directional books - getting ready for that season! First, we started by drawing pumpkins so we would be able to put them on each page.  We practiced reading the pages together and drew the pumpkin where he was suppose to go and used the correct colors - can you say cross curricular instruction!

You can pick up your copy here. 

We've also been doing great on our shapes! We did shape hunts around the room along with shape monsters of course!  I got a FREE Shape Monster activity from Kindergarten Smorgasboard here!  It was great and my students loved it!
If you're looking for a great shape activity I just put up some 2-D and 3-D shape hunts and sorts! 

We have conferences coming up in a few weeks and I've been working on some ideas and I can't wait to share them.  It can be a stressful time but I'm really looking forward to sharing all the positives with my parents as well. 

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