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Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I love my class so much already! Sometimes in the thick of life and everything else we lose sight of how awesome our jobs are.  I literally think while at work, "I have the most awesome job in the world." It makes me smile to say that, to feel that way about a career.

I'm so proud of my job and students that I wanted to show it off and if you never have heard of Teacher Shirts then you are missing out! I went browsing for Kindergarten ones because this grade level really seems to fit...something I never thought I would say....but I truly am!   I found so many awesome shirts for teachers or for family members even!

Did I mention he's a model?!

I saw the "Real Men Marry Kindergarten Teachers" and was in LOVE! Perfect for my husband!  It's so soft and comfy but enough to stay warm...well for the Minnesota fall at least.  We both love it!

Real Men Marry Kindergarten Teachers
The whole Kindergarten section really rocked! They reference the "Keep Calm because Kindergarten Rocks." They have shirts with rhinestones and fun artwork, and even one after my own heart....
I Love My Job Kindergarten Teacher
Just because I'm a little biased about my grade level right now does not mean there is not something for everyone...because there is! Each grade level has its own section along with subject areas, sports shirts...anything school related! Go check it out!

It may just be your lucky day! Enter to win below.  Contest ends a week from Today.

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