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Just popping in for a quick decorating idea.  If you are like my and completely intimidated by all the other cute doors the teachers whipped up....I had to do something.  Here is my something below! They had all summer to work and I only had a week and a half in my classroom before school started, but I'll take what I can get!

A little background, our school's PBIS is "Connect for Success," many others were doing cute puzzle piece things as it is prominent in the school.  I wanted to be similar but give the students a chance to show off their creativitiy! I blew up the blank piece below and gave each student the opportunity to show off their coloring skills on the very first day of kindergarten.  I explained how we all fit together to make the class work better!

I made the words have a puzzle piece theme too!

I wrote the names on first and we discussed how to color, using an anchor chart like Deedee does, showing how we color inside the lines, with the right colors, and leave no white space. 

For the first time, I think it turned out pretty cute! Quick and easy that the students have a huge part in AND it connects to school theme. 

What are your door decor ideas?

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  1. They came out great! We don't really decorate doors in our school, so the whole idea baffles me. I think I would be intimidated by other teachers' doors too!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple


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