New Classroom Time :)

My first post from my new place!! A 10 hour drive later and we're moved in and settled in Minnesota (for the most part).  I got a chance to see my classroom today and take inventory of what was there.  Lucky for me the teacher seemed to leave quite a bit from last year so I had a lot to work with!  My hubby came and helped move furniture (boy were those tables heavy).  I got things how I want arranged as of right now (we'll see how long it lasts).

These can be considered the "Before" pictures since I haven't put any of my stuff in yet! Can't wait to get back and do more :)      I finally get to participate in all those "classroom picture" posts!! 

Minnesota!!! We made it!!

Tables with small group work being done in the back.  
This is where our seats will be.
Sink and art stuff off to the left (can't quite see it!) 

View from the Smartboard - don't mind all the clutter!
Library area and the animals to read with!
the back store has "Mrs. Ernst's General Store" on it.

View from close to the door - the tables above would be off to the left! My desk is in front of the window, Smartboard, carpet area, and library off to right.  Bottom corner of this picture is a play area complete with all sorts of fun stuff.  

View from the tables- play area and small group work done in the back corner.  It does feel much more open than it looks on this picture ;) 

Josh photobombing! This hallway connects the 2 kindergarten classrooms together and has 2 bathrooms (definitely a *must* for kindergarteners!) 

I'll leave ya with one itty bitty wedding picture since I haven't gotten too many back yet! This has been one whirlwind summer and it's winding down just in time for school to start :) 

Got some new teacher meetings and more classroom work to do soon! Are you gearing up for school like I am? 


  1. ADORABLE wedding picture!!!! Good luck on getting your room set up. I go back to work tomorrow for teacher meetings, and then the kids start back on the 12th... yikes!

  2. We visited Minnesota last year on vacation ~ what a wonderful place to live! Looks like you've got a really nice classroom.
    First Grade Carousel

  3. Your classroom is huge! What a great space for Kinders.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  4. I was going to say the same thing-I'm jealous off all the space you seem to have. I like the big tables! :)


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