A Look around...and some funny stories

What do you want to hear first? The funny stories or some more classroom pictures??? Well good the stories are good, I promise - I'm not one to post too much personal stuff but these just cracked me up recently.

First, so I've met with my mentor, we've had orientation and inservice, it came up about my Skype interview.  Since I wasn't in the state, we did it that way.  He mentioned, "ya, I knew I'd like that girl" when I saw your picture.  So I had NO IDEA because I only Skype like friends/family that a crazy picture of me...

I can't find the one it was....this is close :(
Fortunately we lost connection right after we started and I had a few minutes to change it to this! I completely forgot until he mentioned it!  He said he didn't let anyone know but still...how embarrassing!

Second, so we got a new apartment - got all moved in and trying to be a good wife I wanted to make dinner the first night! I yanked open the oven and our homemade pizza went sliding in.  Needless to say the toppings fell off and although the crust was rescued the toppings smoked and caught fire :(
Luckily, we disabled the fire alarm so the whole building didn't have to evacuate but how cliche is that?! First meal and I almost burn the place down. I swear I'm not that bad!!!

Ok, now you want some pictures: 

I love my teacher toolbox!!

Job chart- the owls are adorable!

Our schedule cards and picture direction cards!

Reading Strategies!

I found all these on TpT and will try to link soon if you want to get any for yourself! :) I'm getting things put together and minus the whole information overload from these first few days everything seems to be going great! 

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