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So if you are like me, still needing books for school....undergrad, graduate, doctorate, whatever and have not seen Campus Book Rentals you might want to take a look.   I didn't graduate all that long ago but renting textbooks is now the thing to do. Trust me - definite cost savings.  I did it for every book I could in college and even now in grad school.  I keep very few books so this solution was a cost savings that worked for me.

Benefits of renting: 
1) cheaper!!!
2) you don't have to work about getting so little back when you sell a book. I only use them for class anyway.
3) Easy to use - type in ISBN for quick service.

Renting is something quite a few online services advertise.  Campus Book Rentals is unique in more ways as well.  They just started a new program called Rent Back.   It puts all the power in the student's hands.  You can rent your textbook to other students for 2-4x as much money than just renting a book since you already own it!  How easy is that?!  What student would want that easy money? Who doesn't have some textbooks they just haven't gotten around to selling yet?

Another reason Campus Book Rentals is SO COOL! Every time you check out a book some of the proceeds go toward Operation Smile to perform life changing cleft lip surgeries!  Making a difference on top of all this! It doesn't get much better than that!  

Operation Smile

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