We Appreciate our Moms!

We've worked on our Mother's Day crafts and activities today since we will be on our field trip tomorrow! I got the activities here and here. (They are both FREE- and you still have time to get them done by this weekend!) I really loved how creative the students were and how they turned out better than I expected!  I really think our Moms will LOVE them!  :)

love all the colors!

The "O" says We'll Never (3x) be apart ever - a spin off of the T Swift song  love the creativity!!

Love the last one on here!

She's as smart as me! :)

I just could not share this one!  My mom is as pretty as my dad, she's as sweet as 1,000 kittens...

Got anymore awesome ideas I need to try out next year?!  8 days of school left!  Fingers, toes, everything I can crossed that tomorrow goes well on our field trip.  

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