Poetry in the Sky

We have been working on our last unit in writing- Poetry!! Fun stuff let me tell you. With it being the end of the year and all, we haven't gotten to every type of poem but we have done some. 

We know haiku and worked on line breaks to start and talked about how poetry is different from other types of writitng that we have done so far.  They are pretty familiar with it so it doesn't take too long.  Acrostic poems are always a hit and so easy for younger students to catch on to.  We have also been loving concrete (shape) poems! I have found some great templates here for FREE!  So many fun shapes to choose from and perfect for this time of year!

I also found these great diamante poem templates which we turned into kites! Again FREE! (Saving for the wedding and all).  My students had a blast with these and I can't wait for our poetry celebration tomorrow!  Check out just how adorable they turned out. 

We used this website to write and learn about diamante poems! It was so incredibly helpful and worked great to do it as a class. 

You get great examples with each part and then you can write one together as a class.  I left it on the board so if anyone needed reference they could look up and see what each line needed. SO much Fun!

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