Pinterest you know me so well...

2 more days left of school!  I can almost feel summer through all the craziness of what is to come.  It is suppose to rain on our field day and I'm praying it doesn't.  That day is so much fun and I want the kiddos to enjoy every minute of it but then this is running through my mind as well......I'm not the only one right?!

So the new update to the Pinterest app (at least for iPhones) reads your brain!  I thought I would point it out to anyone who is new to this feature and is possibly on Pinterest as much as me....even more now that I don't have to write lesson plans for next week!!!

Well Pinterest now lets you know if you already pinned something! Revolutionary in my world- after reviewing a few boards and I had the same thing like 7 times.  I always think to myself  "I guess I really liked it..."

It even nicely phrases it..." looks like you've pinned this before."  So helpful I'm sure this will be even more useful when my Pinterest use spikes over the summer.  Hope you can use this helpful feature!  The notifications are also very handy now with the update as well :)


  1. Pinterest does it on their regular website too! I was so happy to see that!!

    Stickers and Stamps

  2. yay! I'm so glad they've implemented this! I had a lot of repeat pins :)



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